Red Cross Refill for Compact, Small or Travel First Aid Kits


Great for periodically refilling small kits, or topping up medium kits that have had some use. Also great for the basis of your own custom kit for travel, tramping, or similar (if you wan tot build your own to go in an existing travel bag or hiking waterproof container or similar). Features smart dressing design that incorporate a dressing bandage and adhesive in one never have to pull out the scissors again, just apply, wrap and stick. Also Includes Hydro-gel for burns and a Hydro-colloid blister dressing and more... (see contents list below). Designed by the expert team at Red Cross to be easy to use.

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each (1)



1 Bandage, Triangular
1 Dressing, Finger
1 Dressing, Medium
10 Plasters, Washproof Asst.
1 Dressing, Adherent
1 Gloves, Pair
2 Wipes, Cleansing
1 Eye Wash, Pods 20ml
1 Burn Gel, Sachet 3.5g
1 Resuscitation Device
1 Microporous tape 1m
1 Skin closure strips 3mmx75mm
1 Hydrocolloid Blister Plaster

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