1,2,3 Plasters for Blisters


Advanced Relief Relieves pain instantly. Protects against rubbing. Promotes faster healing. Stays in place. Hydro-colloid technology. Repels water, dirt and bacteria. Designed and Manufactured by Reliance Medical, there is now a new, convenient, simple, safe and effective blister treatment. Dependaplast Advanced Blister Plasters are as easy to apply as the name suggests 1,2,3. They work to protect the blister from puncturing, cushion and relieve the pain, stand up to everyday use, and utilising the latest hydro-colloid technology, actively enhance the natural healing process of the body. The plasters are supplied in a stylish and practical oval case, which is small and compact enough to fit into any bag.
NZ$9.20 inc GST
each (1)
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