Redcap 500ml with Eyebath Phosphate Buffer Solution


Redcap Eye Wash & Skin Flush for acid and alkali splashes phosphate buffer solution Redcap Phosphate Buffer Solution has a neutralising effect which significantly reduces the flushing time and the volume of fluid required to dilute and neutralise acid and alkali splashes. It is recommended to continue flushing with water or saline eye wash until medical help arrives. The easy-to-squeeze bottle has a uniquely designed eye cap that allows the eye to be irrigated whether the user is standing, sitting or lying down. A perforated plate breaks up the stream of water, providing a gentle spray into the eye. Used eyewash exits through a drain tube and is prevented from going back into the bottle.
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Independent test data has now confirmed that one bottle of Redcap 500ml is significantly more effective at neutralising acid and alkali splashes than comparable water treatment and is available at a fraction of the cost of other pH neutralising eye washes on the market. Redcap continues to neutralise acid & alkali pH levels long after water slows: Datasheet

In vitro titration studies were independently conducted to assess the effectiveness of Redcap. Reliance Medical identified sulphuric acid (96%), and sodium hydroxide (40%), as the most commonly treated acid and alkali related injuries. 10ml of each substance were pipetted into a conical flask and placed in a magnetic stirrer. Initial pH values were recorded. Redcap was added in progressive increments, with the pH value recorded after each increment. Further test reports on the effectiveness of Redcap are available upon request.


Rinsing with Redcap will help stop and neutralise the harmful pH values of both acids and alkali.  Special care should be taken when treating incidents involving the eyes to ensure all fluids run off the face and do not pool in the ears, nose, or mouth. Redcap is available with either standard caps or eye bath tops to ensure the flow of the solution can be easily controlled and reduce the ‘waterboarding’ effect for patients. It is recommended to use up to 2 litres of Redcap solution, after which you should continue to rinse with standard Reliwash eye wash until the emergency services arrive.

NOTE: All eye related injuries require medical attention.


Redcap is not recommended for the treatment of hydrofluoric acid incidents. Hydrofluoric acid is toxic and highly corrosive to skin and bones. Redcap may have a neutralising effect and help to rinse but will not limit the acids toxic effect. Dedicated hydrofluoric acid treatment kits are available for customers who have a first aid requirement for hydrofluoric acid incidents.

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