Reliwash 500ml Saline Eye Wash with Eyebath


Sterile, safe, and non-toxic. Eye-Bath Cap for ease of use.

Sodium Chloride 0.9%w/v Ph.Eur.
NZ$12.85 inc GST
each (1)



Fast, effective relief for immediate emergency flushing. Sodium Chloride 0.9%w/v Ph.Eur eye wash is used for the irrigation of eyes to remove foreign bodies such as dust and dirt. Sterile, safe, and non-toxic; the 500ml Eye Wash is ideal for incidents that require a larger ammount of eye wash. The easy-to-squeeze bottle has a uniquely designed eyecup that allows the eye to be irrigated whether the user is standing, sitting or lying down. A perforated plate breaks up the stream of water, providing a gentle spray into the eye. Used eyewash exits through a drain tube and is prevented from going back into the bottle.


Safety Data Sheet

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