Essential first aid kit


This first aid kit is an essential tool for any Kiwi home. Simple and easy to use contents.
NZ$37.50 inc GST



Our team has put this kit together based on our own experiences with mishaps with the family.

We have added a soothing burn gel for those bbq burns or red shoulders after a day in the sun.  

There is no better way to remove prickles from the kid's feet with the splinter probes so we've included that too.

We have replaced the plasters with aqua dressings which are waterproof and stick better.

Forget trying to figure out what items you need to deal with cuts or scrapes. We have replaced many of the bits and pieces with an all in one island dressing which also keeps the dirt out.

Wipes and hand sanitiser help to keep things clean for those unscheduled toilet stops!

We even use a stronger tape which is made in Germany in case you need to make urgent repairs to your jandals.

We hope that this kit will help deal with those minor mishaps so you can get back to enjoying what matters most.




  • NZ Red Cross first aid bag  
  • NZ Red Cross first aid information card
  • 1 x Triangular bandage
  • 1 x First Aid gloves
  • 1 x First Aid waterproof plasters 20/pk
  • 1 x Omniplast tape 1.25cmx5m
  • 2 x Saline solution 20ml
  • 1 x Wound cleansing wipes
  • 1 x Burn-Cool Gel
  • 5 x Splinter Probes
  • 1 x Hand Sanitiser Gel 60ml
  • 1 x Crepe bandage 5cm
  • 2 x Swabs gauze sterile 7.5cm x 7.5cm
  • 4 x Island dressing sterile 10 x 6 cm
  • 4 x Island dressing sterile 7.2 x 5 cm
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