When someone is the victim of sudden cardiac arrest, their survival depends on high-quality CPR and a rescuer with an AED.

When there’s a call for help, will you be ready?

AEDs that include real-time CPR feedback have been shown to increase the survival of SCA victims by more than 2X

A recent study in Mesa, Arizona, documented an unprecedented improvement in patient outcomes with CPR training and AED's equipped with real-time CPR guidance more than doubling cardiac arrest survival - Bobrow, Mesa, AZ Study

Thats why Red Cross has more AED options that deliver this lifesaving technology.

CPR sensors and algorithms measure rate, depth and release of each compression in real-time. Talk to our Team about these life saving devices 0800233243 


AED Rental


Introducing the Powerheart G5 AED

Do you have the power to act?


Discover today why effective CPR is now made easy.

With Intellisense CPR Feedback, providing effective CPR compressions is now within reach.


Powerheart G5 AED features

With more than 100 patents and 20+ years of engineering excellence, Cardiac Science brings you their latest innovation.

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