Red Cross First Aid Box


This kit is designed as a 'fit for purpose' workplace First Aid Kit while making it easy to use and maintain using all in one dressings to reduce the number of items to check and replace. LOW RISK 1 kit per 1-25 employees. HIGH RISK 1 kit per 1-5 employees.
NZ$69.99 inc GST
This package includes: Quantity:
NZRC First Aid Container 5 Litre Red 13987 1
Surgical Facemasks Type IIR 3 ply 5 pkt 880A 1
Relisan Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel 250ml 889 1
Reliwash 20ml Saline Eye Pods Sterile Strip of 5 901E 1
Small Workplace First Aid Kit X1210 1
each (1)



1 Bandage, Conforming
2 Bandages, Triangular
1 Dressing, Burn
2 Dressings, Eye Pad
2 Dressings, Finger
2 Dressings, HSE Medium
2 Dressings, HSE Large
1 Foil Blanket, Adult
6 Gloves, Pairs
1 Guidance Leaflet
40 Plasters, Washproof Assorted
1 Resuscitation Face Shield
1 Shears
1 Tape, Microporous
20 Wipes, Cleansing
5 Saline Eyepods
5 Surgical Facemasks
1 Relisian Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel 250ml

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